The Maintenance team specialises in the maintenance of all the mining equipment that we supply. We have a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians who have extensive process equipment application and maintenance knowledge. They form the core structure of our maintenance department, since it is their expertise that determines the success of the maintenance department.

Our maintenance team is equipped with tools and machinery necessary to repair any faulty equipment on and off site. At Mathabe mining supplies we are dedicated to providing quality maintenance as well as after-sales support. We provide high level maintenance, with on-site inspections. In order to ensure the success of this department, the company plans on training management and staff in order to increase their abilities and hence perform functions in a sustainable manner.

Our Maintanance includes:

a)      Refurbishment of  equipment such as spirals; cyclones, distributors, launders and sumps

b)      Process plant maintenance, pumps, electricals, boiler making and conveyor belts

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