Mathabe  Mining Supplies provides a vast range of products, maintenance and operational services to the mining industry. We are working with reputable manufactures of mining products which manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of products and services to the mining industry.

Mathabe  Mining Supplies has three core business divisions:


a) Spirals and spirals accessories
b) Spiral distributors
c) Cyclones and cyclones accessories
d) Hydrosizers and hydrosizer’s accessories
e) Launders
f) Screen Panels
g) Pumps
h) Modular Gravity Concentration Plants


a) Refurbishment of equipment such as spirals; cyclones, distributors, launders
and sumps
b) Process plant maintenance, pumps, electrical, boiler making and conveyor


a) Operate beneficiation plants
b) Manage and Operate beneficiation plants
c) Plant optimization
d) Process plant design and consultation